Friday, March 20, 2009

You Know Your FET is Getting Closer When...

10. Your needle sizes get larger.
9. The PIO needle starts looking more like a subcutaneous shot than a whale harpoon.
8. You look at the freezer-burnt buns in your freezer and hope your embryos will fare better.
7. Working in the office consists of checking IF blogs every hour.
6. You spend more time worrying than getting poked by needles or didlo-cams.
5. Hurry up and wait turns into "OMG, so soon"?!
4. When your husband asks, "how was your day, honey?" you no longer respond with, "eat sh*t and die!!"
3. You are starting to look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy Girl.
2. One minute you are crying because you know this is going to fail, and the next minute you are fantasizing about jumping on couches when you find out you are pregnant.
1. You think of cute names for your frozen embryos, like Snowflake, Nannook, and Frosty.

Which officially kicks off the "Name Phoebe's Frozen Embryos" contest. The winner will get one of their choosing:

Door #1. Phoebe's positive pee-stick, made of the finest plastic from Taiwan.
Door #2. Snowcone from authentic Rocky Mountain snow (we'll try to avoid the yellow stuff).
Door #3. Mystery gift.

Leave your:
1) "You know your FET is getting closer when..."
2) Frozen Embryo Name(s) - no more than two
3) and choice of gift in the comments!
Two winners are possible!

Game on Tuesday, March 24th!


Duck said...

You know your FET is getting closer when the only clothes you wear are yoga pants (or it could be just me - but every FET I tried was a perma stretchy pants event).

Frozen babies (which makes me wonder did we go wrong by not naming our frozen babies). So names....
1. Hope
2. Desire.

What I would like to win - the first email when you get a big nice positive :)

DAVs said...

Ah, my husband and I have been trying in vain to come up with a creative and cute name for your frosties but alas, it eludes us. Eski-embies? Wee-chilis?? See what I mean? We're no good.
Wishing you tons of luck!

Lost in Space said...

LOL. I love your list!

I'm stumped on all accounts - must be an exceptionally uncreative day for me today. (-;

For what it's worth, if I had anything to enter with, I would choose #2, just to see how you would mail that sucker.

Lots of love and luck being sent your way on Tuesday!!

onwardandsideways said...

#11. You know it's getting closer when you secretly like that you look 'a little pregnant.'

Names: Snow Angel and Little Spark

Gift: I don't need no stinkin' gift. Just send me some bloggy love and be sure to post soon when yer preggers.

Retro Girl said...

You know your FET is getting closer when you spend a lot of time on the phone bitching out "that place" for not getting you same day hormone results...yes, it's true.

As for names...I need to reserve my creativity for my own situation...I'm sure you'll understand ;-).

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

You know you're getting closer to your FET when you alternate between feeling giddy and wanting to hide under the bed.

Name for your frozen baby: Yukiko, which is Japanese for "snow child" (feminine.) You can read about it here:

I think it is fitting for your little spirit baby girl.

While I'd love to have a positive pee stick I think I would prefer one with my own pee! So I'm going to go for the mystery behind door #3.

Denver Laura said...

1) You know your FET is getting closer when... you notice that you shave your legs for your Doctor and not your huband.

2) Frozen Embryo Name(s) - Alpine and Champagne (or two of your favorite runs...)

3) Surprise me!

Anonymous said...

I like Snowflake! how 'bout Flurry?

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some comment love!
You know your FET is getting closer the same trip to B&N you allow yourself to peep some baby names while simultaneously looking at adoption books and travel books for your Fucket List get away.

Names: Ben & Jerry

Prize - a BFP for all!

MamaSoon said...

I love this post. Ha ha ha. All all the comments are funny too!

You know your FET is getting closer when you sneak in your 'last glass of wine in '09'...

How about naming them:
hansel and gretel

Surprise me! I'll skip your urine but share in the good news. LOL.

MamaSoon said...

by the way... GOOD LUCK tomorrow!

Emily said...

Oh & GOOD LUCK tomorrow!!!!!

Dora said...

I've always liked "totcicles."