Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calling All Angels

I was looking forward to this FET being "easy" compared to IVF, but I'd have to say that it's not. Yes, there are less shots to do and wanding and the like, but I've said before, the shots are not the hard part.

Which is why I'm looking for help wherever I can get it these days. I bought some inspirational reminders this weekend of my "army" of help. I can't always tell they are there, so it's helpful to have their representatives to cheer me up.

First up are the angels.

I've been starting at this beautiful angel with the baby in her lap at every acupuncture appointment I go to. I love her sparkly wings! I finally asked Em, my acupuncturist, where she got it. Fortunately, she bought her at a local groovy store right here in Woo-woo-ville!! She doesn't really come from here, but from here.

While I was at the local groovy store, I had to get this little figurine of my other patronus with baby patronus.

The mother owl is kinda scary looking but the baby owl was too cute to resist! I also loved the inscription that came with the owls.

Night Vision

Owl Mother teaches her
fledgling to pierce the darkness
and reveal what is hidden.

Shedding light on shadow
deepens understanding and calms fear.

This reminded me of what Walter told us that our spirit baby wanted to learn from me, so it fit perfectly.

Lastly, the Quan Yin my husband bought from me on his last trip to China. Magic and I joke that she is the finest plastic that money can buy!

"Hope" and "Courage" that flank Quan Yin were sent to me by Brenda at No Regrets. You see, I lent Brenda my Quan Yin necklace, and while her cycle was not successful, I have her lovely spirit as a support now. It's not about luck for me. It's about the heart, and Brenda's heart is big and beautiful. I will cherish carrying her love with me now in my Quan Yin necklace. Below Quan Yin are the beads I received from the women in my support group from the Blessingway we did together. I had never done a Blessingway before, and this was a powerful ceremony in which we welcomed our future children and honored the mother in all of us. I hope to do again soon.

My representatives from a mish-mash of traditions sit all together on my dresser, and I have to admit, they look kinda ridiculous together. I should spread them out in different places, but I also like to think of them as my "Dream Team".

Next up: How you can help in Calling all Angels.


Duck said...

First, We have an egg, I have not blogged yet but will do, that was given to me by another ivfer that she had (it was brought by her husband when he went to africa and climbed kilimingero it's a rock egg shaped). her and her husband held it everyday when they cycled, 9 months later ds.
We have the egg in a dish with a scarf, K gave us a "wish ferry" a few days before transfer and wish ferry looks after the egg.
We have now added monkey and giraffe to the mix, your thoughts are in line with mine, and I can't wait for your girl to come to you.
ps - be sure to blog about when you ET will be so I can think good thoughts for you.

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

Beautiful! What a great ritual and way to honor what's happening. Thinking of you...

Cara said...

They are perfect. Just perfect.