Monday, March 23, 2009

The Ice Princess Melt-eth

I really enjoyed all the comments on my last blog post. I was laughing at all the creative entries. Thank you everyone for helping me keep this light and fun! I really struggled with which name to choose for our totsicles (Dora, I like that too). I liked Snow Angel (Onwards and Sideways gets Honorable Mention as a close second), Yukiko, Flurry, Ben & Jerry (even though I was really looking for girl names), and Alpine. In the end, I picked totally different names.

I had one last trauma therapy appointment tonight before our transfer. I learned that part of what we do to integrate the trauma is to touch on the bad feelings from the trauma, then go to something that makes me feel good. I focused today on my garden. My hand hurt today from the power gardening I was trying to get in yesterday before I won't be able to do that kind of physical labor for awhile. This is the first year I have gotten my peas seeded before the end of March. "Peas in by St. Patrick's Day," is what I have always heard. I was a few days late, but I got it done. It's just as well that I did not get them in sooner, as we might get some snow tonight. I moved back and forth between the nasty feelings of the trauma to the wonderful feelings of my garden last year. In the aftermath of our loss, I poured all my creative energy into my garden, the best garden I have ever had. I recalled the awe inspiring encounters I had with the hummingbirds that would check me out at close range in the garden last year. I'm still feasting on frozen pesto from last year's monstrous basil harvest, and I just dug up the carrots that I left over the winter.

As I was talking to my trauma therapist, I started to think of the frozen embryo transfer as planting peas. I didn't plant just any kind of pea seeds yesterday. I planted snow peas. There was the name. My embryos are named Snow Peas! I decided that they would have the same name, because you can't plant just one pea.

I leave you with a picture of the sweet snow peas I harvested last fall. I'll be taking a break from the computer for a few days. In the meanwhile, I'll be off tending to my garden and my newly planted snow peas!!


Lost in Space said...

I was literally just coming to send you good thoughts for tomorrow and your post popped up in my reader. (-;

I love "Snow Peas" and their significance.

Everything crossed for you tomorrow. It's time to bring her home.

Anonymous said...

My Sweet Pea likes the Snow Peas!
We are thinking about you today (and tomorrow and forever... )

love you,


'Murgdan' said...

Nice! I love 'Snow Peas'...May your snow peas put down roots and sprout!

DAVs said...

I'm so impressed with your garden! I love snow peas.
Sending you nothing but good wishes and good luck vibes!

Coming2Terms said...

Wishing you and the snow peas all the very best!!

Dora said...

Snow peas is perfect!

Lori said...

What a perfect name.

Love the pic!

And may all growing things be taking firm root.

MamaSoon said...

I love gardening too. Go incubate. Spring is here and it is time. Best of luck. Rest well. Say hello to the snowpeas!

MamaSoon said...

BTW ~ thanks to you, I am going for my first maya abdominal massage thursday. :)