Friday, March 13, 2009

How You Can Help

I have intentionally not been posting all the gory details of the ups and downs of this FET cycle for me. I want to focus on the positive. Even though I am struggling with past memories of my traumatic pregnancy, I chose not to identify with that. One way not to identify with that is for me not to write about it here. I realize that this may be frustrating for you, my reader, because your natural inclination is to want to help. How can you help me if I'm not telling you what is happening during this cycle? It is possible to be empathetic without knowing all the details.

One way you can help is by leaving a comment. It really helps, even if you have to fake something. It feels supportive to me and I don't feel that people are only commenting when I'm bitching or agonizing about something or writing about something you can relate to.

Guardian Angel (1 inch tall) on top of my closet door*

Next, I have a very specific way you can help. This was in response to a request from my friend over at GeeksInRome. Yes, it has something to do with the image above. I have posted this on my private blog for those who have access: please click here. If you do not have access to my private blog, please e-mail me at and I will e-mail you the post. I thank you in advance!

I've also been just down right busy and trying to take care of myself at the same time. That doesn't leave much time for blogging, though I have half-a-dozen blog entries written in my head. All the moping (as in mope) and goofing around I did in December and January has caught up with me at work. Ok, I had a car accident in there, so I had a good excuse for some of it, but still. Our busy season at work has started, plus I want to get some gardening done before my FET. My priority right now is communicating with my spirit baby with the little time left I have in the evening to myself. Thanks for understanding. Now leave a comment, dammit! (that's the Lupron talking, really! Where's an estrogen patch when you need one?!!)

*This is a protector angel. Notice that she has a baby in her arms. Her actual size is a little over an inch tall. She's on top of the door to my closet because that is the "Children" part of our bedroom according to the Feng Shui bagua.

Another credit to Anne_Taintor for the vintage_humor above!


lostintaipei said...

Okokokokok. Commenting (and cowering). ;) I understand about not wanting to blog your every twitch. I'm going to do something very big here.

Tales of the Phoenix, Phoebe dear, I have asked the Universe to use my BFN FET Karmic Credit on yours working.

Seriously, I have.

By my reckoning, I just upped your chances by about 25%.

Now listen, I don't want you holding this against me when your teenager breaks curfew, okay?

Retro Girl said...

Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry I have been lax about the commenting - your not alone. I haven't commented on anyone's in like a week...that's what this morning is for :-).

I really respect your ability to just put it out there - what you need, that is. That is a true skill that I know I struggle with. The few times I have had the courage to just lay out my needs, they have been met. Yet, I still struggle because despite this positive feedback, I think expressing my needs will be a disaster for some reason. Doesn't this behavior fall in the realm of the definition of "insanity"...I think so. Damn lupron...and like 15 patches...ok, only 3, put it seems like 15. :-)

Your not alone in lupron/patch hell :-)

'Murgdan' said...

I'm thinking of you during this time...and no I don't have to 'make up' comments ;-) I'm emailing you for access to your private blog to check out your other request. AND don't you just LOVE Anne Taintor!!! I would wallpaper my bathroom with her if I could!!! (idea?) (I do need new bathroom wallpaper).

Duck said...

Thinking of you and knowing that all will be well.

DAVs said...

Isn't it amazing how good these comments can make you feel? The support I've found out in blogland has been completely and totally invaluable.
Sending you loads and loads of support and hugs and well wishes!

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) said...

with you in heart, mind, and spirit, Phoebe. Wishing love, peace, healing for you...

Anonymous said...

Even if i don't leave a comment, I am always thinking about you and sending you lots of love. !!!!!