Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Quest for the Holy Grail

Aunt Flo arrived a bit early, so I started BCPs on Monday night. This pretty much describes how I feel on the left. I tried to see if there was a way to take less BCPs, but I'm invested in the date I chose for my FET transfer, so it means taking a crap load more BCPs, as in 30+ days. So far, so good. I think either the side effects haven't really kicked in, or this is a different type of BCPs than I took at the other clinic, and it's better for me. My mood is surprisingly good. I had a few freak out moments in making the decision to go ahead now with the BCPs, as in, "OMG, this is really happening and I hope it won't be like last time" freak out.

Here I am, groveling again. I'm kinda hoping it will be like this scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail:

Sorry to beg! If any of you gals have some spare meds floating around your closet that you don't need anymore, I would very much appreciate any donations. Although FET is a lot cheaper (*cough*) than IVF, we are still feeling the squeeze with Magic out of work right now (says as she averts eyes...). I will need the following:
  • Lu.pron, not generic
  • Vi.velle 0.1mg patches
  • P.IO
  • End.ometrin
Please e-mail me at phoebephoenixtalesatgmaildotcom if you can help.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to my two angels who have already helped me out. You know who you are! Wouldn't it be cool if we had a Sal.vation Army type place that would offer to pick up your left over donated meds from your house and distribute them to those who need them?


Duck said...

Sorry hun! I tossed all my drugs in my fit of "i will never be pregnant why do I need this crap" plus i didn't take any of those drugs, but, still I had bottles and bottles of est*race...
Try emailing L & F and making a plead for drugs!

Retro Girl said...

I'm glad you aren't feeling side effects from the BCPs yet. I have yet to take them, but will need to soon enough for our FET...I'm scared. I felt awful on them when I took them 10 years know, when I was trying NOT to get pregnant...ha,ha,ha.

What a great idea about the meds - kind of like an ivf craig's list or something.

luna said...

classic movie! love it. best of luck on your quest!

Lost in Space said...

I'm so glad the BCPs aren't getting you like last time. I hate those bless-ed little pills. You are going to do great!!

I love the IVF med Salvation Army idea. (-; If this cycle bombs for me I will have a bunch of Endometrin and Vivelle left over. I'm hoping to need them, but you are first on my list if I don't, okay?

Anonymous said...

good luck, sistah! i wish i had drugs to give you (though I just got a big stash of homeopathic stuff smuggled in from the states... flu fighting crap, nothing pregger-related...)

what happened to Magic?! I'm so sorry he's not working... sucky economy.

Rachie Pachie said...

I have some Vivelle Dot patches. I think I'll have 8 left. Not too much, but if it will help... let me know! :)

Clio said...

a have a full unopened bottle of PIO.
surprisingly, I also had a good mood while on the BCPs. isn't that nice?