Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When I got home yesterday, it was there. I waited over a month for it, the recording from The Reading. I was anxious when I started listening to it. My heart was pounding. As I listened, I heard a lot of details that I hadn't remembered. The details were important. I'm glad I got the recording. Now, I'm transcribing the whole reading.

I'm feeling a lot better about our scheduled FET. I'm feeling more clear about where our sp*rit baby is coming from. I'm feeling a lot more confident. I need to go into it feeling confident. That's what our sp*rit baby needs.

You would think this would make me less of a basket case about the whole thing. Sadly, I melted down into a woe-is-me-everyone-else-is-having-their-babies tonight. I'm still anxious and sad about the whole thing.

I talked with Michael about the kind of car I'm shopping for. "If we have a kid, we are going to need more room because we will be shleping around a lot more stuff."

"And I'm going to need a bigger car, because she's coming."


Duck said...

Yeah I think it's normal to have those moments, they strike out of no where - at least they do for me.
Glad you got the recording and thanks so much for all your advice - it's all becoming more clear to me now!
You get the car that you need for a baby because she is coming.

Lori said...

The pronoun, the pronoun!

I find that readings sink in as I listen/transcribe and listen/read again.

It's normal, I think, to feel contradictory emotions -- both confidence and sadness. We are complex beings. You, at least, are aware of the complexity.

Clio said...

it's really fascinating how much our memory leaves out of readings and such. We end up holding on to a few things that strike emotional chords during the session, so it's really nice that you now have the recording and can review the information you got.
I have the Spirit Babies book, and I had a reading last year with a lady who claims to talk to them. But I guess many times (or in my case) the cosmic information comes through our imperfect human vessels, filled with our own prejudices and ideas. So, I realize, and also felt at the time that many of the things this lady said to me were her own stuff. A few of them made sense, and one piece of the reading was so intimate, that I know it was absolutely authentic. But not everything (in my case) was.
But for sure, you are right about feeling confident. Thought precedes manifestation, and we have to give our best energy and faith to help these babies come trhough to our world, to inhabit their little bodies, knowing that we are here for them and we'll guide and help them in the best ways we can. :)

Melanie said...

Of course you're going to have teary, why me moments. If you didn't, this wouldn't be important to you. But the quiet confidence, in my opinion, is the ticket. At the risk of sounding like "Just relax, it'll happen" (which we veterans know is a load of hooey, I do feel like my heart and mind changed for this last IVF. And whether it was just dumb luck or a sense of peace, who knows, but it appears to have worked so far. My very, very best to you on this FET.

Lost in Space said...

How amazing to have it to listen to over and over, to remind you that she is coming. Yes, a bigger car is definitely in store.

It's okay to still have those feelings. We're human after all. Hugs.