Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am truly inspired by the night's election results. I helped a friend of mine who was canvassing tonight at the last minute drag a voter to the polls 20 minutes before voting closed. The nightmare of the last eight year is over! And Amendment 48 went down in flames too! I won't have to be Sarah Palin for Halloween again (for at least for another four years)!

This is an historic election. I kept saying to my friends, "I'm so happy!!" I have hope again for our country and for the world. Our new president to be said it so well, "Yes we can!"


rescogitatae said...

Just wanted to come over and say thank you for your advice for my friend. It's really appreciated.

(I was Sarah Palin for Hallowe'en too- and everyone recognized me as well. Scary.)

Lost in Space said...

Thrilled with the outcome too!! (: