Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It was the consolation prize to the llama packing trip. We could not convince the teenagers to go more than a few days on a trip, so we bagged the llama packing, much to Magic's chagrin, and decided to take a yoga class at a local retreat center with this gal. It was a really great getaway, but I definitely could have gone longer. Our trip was not quite long enough to de-stress entirely, but long enough to recognize how stressed out I have been.

Our yoga workshop focused on dealing with anxiety and depression. Hmmm, this might be good for dealing with IF treatments, eh? I actually went with an attitude of "I'm not going to learn anything, but it will be a good review". Not that I'm any kind of yogi, by any stretch of the imagination. I actually learned some interesting things. One was that you can have a yoga workshop with 75 people in a large tent outdoors. We froze our asses off the first night at 8000 feet and were roasting the next day. Welcome to the Rockies.

The workshop focused on restorative yoga. I kinda poo-pooed restorative yoga in the past since I wasn't getting much of a workout. I have been so stressed about this "Mission Impossible" IVF that I do need something to de-stress. Working out is important, but so is taking time to relax. I often times feel like I don't have time to relax. Time. It feels like it is constantly slipping away from me as my body parts head south. I know time is an illusion, based on my premonitions of my car accident (how could I have seen it coming?).

The highlight of the trip was this:

This is the Great_Stupa_of_Dharmakhaya which_liberates_upon_seeing. I never got tired of visiting it. We made many hikes up to see the stupa, at least a couple of times a day. It was breathtaking at night. Even the Dalai_Lama has been here, but you don't have to be Buddhist to appreciate the stupa. It was build as a symbol of peace to inspire people from all kinds of backgrounds.

I'm happy to be back to my juicer though. No juice of any kind to be found at the retreat center. I definitely noticed a difference, with less energy by the end of the trip.

I'm on CD25 today! Another slightly longer than normal cycle. Let's see how long this one goes for. I'm guessing AF will be coming tomorrow. Maybe in time for the lunar eclipse?


Lavender Luz said...

Wow. I am so jealous. Yoga AND the Great Stupa?

I have GOT to get up there.

Glad it was a liberating time for you, and that your juicer welcomed you home with open strainers.

Mad Hatter said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! The yoga sounds amazing! How nice, too, that you're looking forward to juicing away again!

Sweet Georgia said...

I'm glad you had a relaxing time away. You inspire me to look more into yoga and follow up on my curiosity about Budhism.

Beautiful Mess said...

How wonderful and peaceful! Glad you enjoyed your time there.

Lost in Space said...

Looks and sounds so peaceful! I'm glad you were able to get away for a bit.

Your new part time juicing job seems to be fitting you well with the energy, CBC, and holy CM. I remember that stuff in college and every time it happened I thought I had some kind of infection and then it just went away again. LOL. If only I had known then...

You make me want to figure out a way to take care of myself more. You really are doing an incredible job!

kayjay said...

That yoga retreat sounds divine and I'm glad you felt that you got something out of it...even if it was only the trips up to the Great Stupa.