Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Love Needed

A few of my Fertile Forties friends are in need of your loving words.

The Barren Goddess got some bad news on her embryos. She's waiting for more results on this latest IVF cycle. Please give her a hug and some cheer while you are at it.

Dear Sky has lost her pregnancy. I'm in shock. Her loss has brought me to tears. Please go sit with her as she grieves this incomprehensible loss.

Some days I feel 34. Other days, I feel 43. Right now, I feel 43.


Beautiful Mess said...

I'm so sorry your sad. Headed over to give some love!

DAVs said...

Oh my god. I've been away from my computer taking care of my Dad...I am behind on all this news. This is awful.
Frankly, I'm SICK of this IF crap. I'm sick of deserving people getting awful news time and time again.

Me said...

I just noticed that your "about me" paragraph is vaguely similar to "Alice's Restaurant". Methinks that is not such a coincidence.

(I am so sad about Sky too!)

Lost in Space said...

It's all so unfair...

Anonymous said...

Ag there seems to be so much bad IF news about. It is so unfair!