Tuesday, July 15, 2008


If men had to do IVF, fertility clinics would not be in business. Magic had his pre-op appointment yesterday and whined about how it hurt where his blood was drawn. Can we get a collective "aaawwwww" from all you women out there who have cycled? I made fun of him for being such a wuss and threatened to trash him on my blog.

Then he says, "you're gonna love this." He told me that he has to have subcutaneous shots of heparin in the abdomen for 10 days to prevent blood clots. "Paybacks," I exclaimed happily! I made Magic do a sympathy shot during my first IVF cycle with some saline. Of course, doing one SQ shot isn't so bad. We'll see how he does with 10 days of a daily shot in the stomach, though I was doing four shots a day for the same period for both my cycles.

I asked him to spare me the gory details of how they are going to pull his leg from his hip to put in the new joint. Maybe egg retrieval wasn't quite as invasive, but I still get pains on the one ovary they messed around with more at ER when I ovulate, damn it! I still wish they could fix his plumbing while he's all doped up on anesthesia, but I said to him that he probably doesn't want a hip specialist to work on his penis. Yikes!!


peesticksandstones said...

When I started injectables for the very first time (what was that, a zillion years ago?), and was complaining about it to my husband, he was like "You can punch me in the face every time I give you a shot." Awww... I love that man.

Hoping all goes well for your husband! Wow -- a hip specialist. I always wonder how doctors end up in their specialties. Like who chooses asses? And why?

Carrie said...

I hope everything goes really smoothly in this surgery.
I do feel sorry for him and the injections. I think men find that sort of thing more difficult. Still, it will give him a little more understanding of what you go through.

Eurydice said...

needles...brrrrrrr. you two are a brave bunch.

Lost in Space said...

Men could never handle a whole IVF cycle. They can barely handle the common cold. I would choose having a cold myself 10x before dealing with my DH once.

I hope all goes well for him. I did Lovenox (similar to heparin) and it burned like a bitch and made me bruise.

Anonymous said...

He really did a sympathy shot??? I'm SOOO telling my guys! Poor Magic. I hope it goes well for him.

Geohde said...

He doesn't want an orthopaedic doc working on his plumbing? Tell him he needs a sense of adventure ;)



Nit said...

hehehe!!! I agree, men couldn't handle half of what we do! :)